2017 bookish goals

So I haven’t done this in… forever. I’ve been feeling weird, so I haven’t blogged, because why do something I like when I feel weird? Anyway, I really want to be a bit better about blogging, so I’ll try that. I thought this would be a kind of nice way to get back into it. These will be my reading goals for 2017.

  1. I will try to read 75 books in 2017. I have currently read 132 books in 2016, which is incredible, but it feels like I’ve read really small books, and short books, and I feel like I don’t take in a lot of what I’m reading. I feel this massive pressure to read a lot, just quantity all the time. And I really don’t like that feeling. So I’m going to try to slow down, and give myself breathing room to read bigger, slower books. I think I’ll still exceed this goal because I’ll still read graphic novels and listen to audiobooks. I listen to audiobooks at like, 1.5-1.75 speed because I’m now used to it, so they’ll go by faster anyway, but I want to give myself space and breathing room.
  2. I will try to do the Read Harder challenge for 2017. I kind of forgot I was doing it in 2016 so I have like eight challenges remaining. And I won’t be able to do that before the end of the year. So I’m going to try again next year and do better.
  3. I will try yet again to #readmyowndamnbooks. I didn’t do a great job this year, I’m going to reach my Mount TBR goal of 36, and I’ll set it to the same number next year. I’ve also made a rule for myself that if I buy a book I have to read it within 6 months or I have to get rid of it, to give myself a stronger impulse to finish books that I buy.
  4. I want to focus more on a hobby next year and I want to try to make that hobby blogging, so more blogging. I don’t know what that means yet, but I’ll figure it out.
  5. I want to read 12 Norwegian books at least. I managed that this year, which is exciting. I also did a month where I read mainly Norwegian books, which definitely helped, so I’ll do that again
  6. I want to read at least six books that are over 500 pages.

I think that’s enough to be getting on with. I also obviously want to try to read diversely, different genders, nationalities and all that. I did better this year than last year, so I will try to do even better next year.

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